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IDC Staff Instructor


IDC Staff Instructor

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The IDC Staff Instructor Course takes you into the world of the Instructor Trainer. As well as a chance to train Assistant Instructors many people who take the Staff course find it a very useful, non-pressured refresher of the IDC.

Duration: Either 2-3 days as a stand alone course, or around 10 days as a full audit of an IDC.

The Staff course can be run as a stand alone program or run alongside an existing IDC. You will learn how to teach the Assistant Instructor Course and also how to evaluate instructional candidates.

You will need to complete the following course components:

  • Complete a skill assessment of the 24 basic scuba skills
  • Attend 4 Presentations including ones on evaluation and the IDC curriculum
  • Evaluate real or simulated candidates matching the evaluation scores with the Course Director.

We run the program both in the UK and in Sharm El Sheikh. Please click on the 'Details' button below for location.

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Be certified as a PADI MSDT
  • A valid HSE Dive medical (within 12 months)
  • Course tuition & mentoring throughout course
  • Air Fills
  • Course Materials, you will require a copy of the Course Director Manual and also evaluation slates.
  • Dive site entrance and transport.
  • IDC Staff application fee.

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